The following standing rules have been adopted  by the CLD Board of Trustees. They may be altered without notice by majority vote of the Board of Trustees, so long as the proposed alterations
do not conflict with or violate the Bylaws of the organization.

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Section 1: Standing rules governing dues, membership, and fiscal year
(See Bylaws, Articles IV and XIII.6.)

  1. CLD shall not discriminate against any individual or groups of individuals with regard to membership, services, or employment practices because of race, color, creed, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, or handicapping condition.
  2. CLD dues are $103 for Full Members,$60 for Retired Members, and $35 for Student Members to be paid annually according to the anniversary date of the individual’s membership. Dues for Retired Life Membership are a one-time payment of Full Membership dues paid on the first year of retirement. (Updated July, 2013)
  •  (i) Full Membership is open to any professional whose work is related to the education of individuals with learning disabilities or who are at-risk for having learning disabilities.
  •  (ii) Retired Membership is open to individuals who meet the criteria of Full Membership, have been a full member of CLD for a minimum of five years (not necessarily continuously and excluding student membership), and who are 65 years of age or older.
  • (iii) The privileges of Retired Membership entitle the member to all the privileges of Full Membership.
  •  (iv) Retired Life Membership shall be available to a person who has served as President of the Council and who is 65 years of age or older.

      3. The CLD fiscal and administrative year shall be from July 1 through June 30 each year.

(Updated June, 2015)

Section 2: Standing rules governing the rotation of standing committee chairs
(See Bylaws, Articles V.2, VI.e, IX, and X.)

    1. Year One (e.g., 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and so on) Leadership Development Committee (co-chair), Research Committee and Technology Committee;
    2. Year Two (e.g., 2008, 2011, 2014, 2017 and so on) – Standards and Ethics Committee, Professional Development,  Diversity Committee, and Leadership Development Committee (co-chair);
    3. Year Three (e.g., 2009, 2012, 2015, and so on) – Communications Committee, Liaison Committee, Finance Committee and Membership CommitteeThe following schedule of rotation shall govern the appointment of CLD standing committee chairs.  (Revised October 2008)
    4. Conference Committee: 4 year term.  This committee has a 2 year overlap of co-chairs to allow time for a new co-chair to learn more about the conference and co-chair responsibilities.

                  Co-chair 1: 7/1/2015 – 6/30/2019 (and every 4 years)

                  Co-chair 2: 7/1/2017 – 6/30/2021 (and every 4 years)

                 (revised 7/1/2015)

Section 3: Standing rules governing nominations and election
(See Bylaws, Articles XIII, XIV.8, XVI, and XVII.)

  1. All individuals shall consent to stand for election before their names are placed in nomination. The Nomination-Election Committee is charged with the responsibility of trying to encourage a minimum of two and a maximum of three candidates for each office. The names of each candidate will not be revealed until he or she has officially accepted the nomination. (revised October 2009)
  2. Nominees for the offices of vice president and treasurer must have had prior service as either a member of a standing committee or the Board of Trustees at the national level; or as a member of the executive committee of an affiliated chapter. The secretary does not have to meet this requirement. (revised May 2003, October 2008, October 2009)
  3. All nomination petitions shall be received by the Past President by the date and time of the start of the Annual Business Meeting. Nomination petitions shall bear the signatures and membership numbers of at least five current members of CLD. (revised May 2003)
  4. Upon verification of petition information, nominated candidates shall be notified by mail, email or phone of their status as a nominee. (revised October 2009)
  5. All individuals who meet the qualifications shall be included on the ballot for the office for which they have been nominated.
  6. Electronic voting will be used. (revised March 2012)
  7. Voting shall occur no later than February 1. (revised March 2012)
  8. Return ballots shall be postmarked no later than February 1.
  9. Election results shall be verified by at least two members of CLD in addition to the Past President. (revised May 2003)
  10. All candidates shall be notified by telephone by the President and mail of the results of the elections.
  11. A Nomination-Election Committee must be established to be chaired by the immediate Past President, a Council Past President and two other council members approved by the Executive Committee. (revised November 1994, October 2002, June 2003, October 2009)

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Section 4: Standing rules governing special meetings
(See Bylaws, Article XIX.5.)

  1. Special CLD meetings may be called by a petition signed by at least fifty members in good standing.