CLD Outstanding Educator/Teacher of the Year Award

CLD Outstanding Educator/Teacher of the Year Awards

Each year, the Council for Learning Disabilities recognizes outstanding teachers who are CLD members and who consistently provide quality instruction to students with learning disabilities. These teachers, selected by local chapters, provide direct services to students. In states without active chapters, nominations can be made by CLD members. Outstanding teachers are dedicated to implementing evidence-based instructional practices and collaborating with classroom teachers and other service providers to greatly improve the quality of education for all struggling learners.

Candidates for nomination must:

  • Be active, dues paying members of CLD including state chapter membership if the state chapter is active
  • Provide direct services to students with learning disabilities
  • Implement evidence-based instructional practices that result in significant gains in achievement for children, adolescents, or adults who struggle academically
  • Advocate for persons with learning disabilities

Recipients are guests at the annual international conference. They receive complimentary registration and one-year membership renewal. During the conference-award program, they receive a certificate of recognition and an honorarium. These members are also profiled in the LD Forum (the CLD online newsletter) and on the national Web site.

For the 2023 online nomination form.  The submission deadline is June 30, 2023.

Information entered onto the online nomination form should only be entered by 2022-2023 active CLD Chapter Presidents or current CLD members in states without an active chapter.

For additional information, contact Kat Pfannenstiel, Affiliated Partnerships Committee at