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Contents of the Current Issue of
Intervention in School and Clinic
Volume 58, Number 2
November 2022

Introduction to the Special Issue

Incarcerated Girls With Disabilities: A Multinational Perspective
Theresa A. Ochoa, Nicole Maki Weller, and Berenice Pérez-Ramírez


Incarceration Risk Among Girls With Behavior Disorders: An International Perspective
Theresa A. Ochoa, Norah H. Alharbi, Mirella C. B. Monteiro, and Meizel H. Montero

Educational Landscape for Incarcerated Girls With Disabilities in the United States, Norway, and Mexico
Aerin M. Welch, Ingrid E. Gøranson, Marisol Ramirez-Sanchez, and Chryssa A. Athans

Internalizing Disabilities Among Incarcerated Girls From Mexico and the United States
Berenice Pérez-Ramírez, Nicole Maki-Weller, and Theresa A. Ochoa

Trauma and Abuse Among Incarcerated Girls in the United States and Costa Rica
Nicole Maki Weller, Claire M. de Mezerville-López, Berenice Pérez-Ramírez, and Theresa A. Ochoa

Reentry Barriers for Incarcerated Girls With Undiagnosed Disabilities in Costa Rica
Claire M. de Mezerville-López, Theresa A. Ochoa, Yanúa Ovares-Fernández, and Viria Ureña-Salazar

Employment Reentry Preparation: Explicit Recommendations for Girls With Disabilities
Theresa A. Ochoa, Nicole Maki Weller, and Tyeisha T. Fordham


What Works for Me
Robbie J. Marsh, Associate Editor
Video Modeling in Mathematics: Supplemental Instruction to Support Student Learning
Rajiv Satsangi, Stephanie D. Sigmon, and Emily C. Bouck

Behavior Management
Terry Cumming, Associate Editor
Classroom Management Systems to Address Student Disruptive Behavior
Kimberly A. Zoder-Martell, Margaret T. Floress, Heather A. Skriba, and Traci A. Taber

Current Topics in Review
Moira Konrad, Associate Editor
Cognitive Autonomy for Students With Learning Disabilities Fatmana Kara Deniz

An Interview With . . .
Steven P. Chamberlain, Associate Editor
Relationships Are the Intervention: An Interview With Michael Marlowe
Daniel V. Poling, Christopher L. Van Loan, and Justin D. Garwood