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Contents of the Current Issue of
Intervention in School and Clinic
Volume 58, Number 1
September 2022

Lead Feature

Strengths-Based Transition Planning: A Positive Approach for Students With Learning Disabilities
Kristopher Hawk Yeager and Malarie E. Deardorff


Intensive Word Problem Solving for Students With Learning Disabilities in Mathematics
Bradley Witzel, Jonté A. Myers, and Yan Ping Xin

Development and Implementation of an Integrated Academic-Behavior Intervention
Maribeth Gettinger, Thomas R. Kratochwill, Alison Foy, and Abigail Eubanks

Integrating Word-Meaning Instruction Within Word-Reading Instruction
Christy R. Austin and Alexis N. Boucher

Assessing Preference for Activities and Instructional Contexts
Kristina K. Vargo and Lindsey J. Loflin


What Works for Me
Robbie J. Marsh, Associate Editor
Improving Relationships and Student Outcomes Through Restorative Practices
Malinda L. Forsberg and Melinda M. Leko

Current Topics in Review
Moira Konrad, Associate Editor
Language Skills of Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders
Jason C. Chow and Alexandra E. Hollo

Behavior Management
Terry Cummings, Associate Editor
Self-Monitoring for Students With Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and Autism Spectrum Disorder
Danielle Balaghi, Kiley Hierl, and Elizabeth Snyder

Global Perspectives
Elizabeth Walton, Associate Editor
International Collaboration in Special Education Teacher Preparation
Regina R. Brandon, Robbie J. Marsh, and Therese M. Cumming

An Interview With . . .
Steven P. Chamberlain, Associate Editor
Advocacy for Incarcerated Youth: A Conversation With Peter Leone
Joseph Calvin Gagnon