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Contents of the Current Issue of
Intervention in School and Clinic
Volume 57, Number 5
May 2022

Lead Feature

Adjusting Intervention Intensity to Support Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder         
Zijie Ma and Jason C. Travers


Self-Talk Monitoring: A How-to Guide for Special Educators
Danielle M. Feeney

Algebra Instruction for Students with Learning Disabilities in the Era of Common Core
Tricia K. Strickland

Utilizing Vocational Rehabilitation to Support Post-School Transition for Students with Learning Disabilities      
Andrew R. Scheef and Michelle McKnight-Lizotte

Systematic Progress Monitoring of Individualized Education Program Goals in Mathematics     
Megan Rojo, Maryam Nozari, and Diane P. Bryant


What Works for Me
Robbie J. Marsh, Associate Editor

Actively Involving Students With Learning Disabilities in Progress Monitoring Practices
Jenlyn Furey and Susan M. Loftus-Rattan

Current Topics in Review
Moira Konrad, Associate Editor
Pre-Employment Transition Services: What Secondary Special Education Teachers Need to Know
Sarah R. Carlson

Behavior Management
Terry Cummings, Associate Editor
Using Functional Communication Training to Reduce Problem Behavior    
Jiaju Wu, Todd G. Kopelman, and Kenzie Miller

Global Perspectives
Elizabeth Walton, Associate Editor
Supporting Individuals With Autism Spectrum Disorder in Singapore          
Yong-Hwee Nah, Mo Chen, and Kenneth Kin-Loong Poon

Policy & Law Briefs
Mitchell Yell and Antonis Katsiyannis, Associate Editors
Brown v. Board of Education and the Development of Special Education
Mitchell Yell

An Interview With . . .
Steven P. Chamberlain, Associate Editor
Self-Determination in Elementary Students: A Conversation with Dr. Michael L. Wehmeyer             
Todd F. Haydon and Angelica Masthay-Bermudez