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Contents of the Current Issue of
Learning Disability Quarterly
Volume 43, Number 3
August 2020
LDQ is published four times per year.

Legal Developments for Students With Dyslexia
Perry A. Zirkel

Proportional Reasoning Word Problem Performance for Middle School Students With High-Incidence Disabilities (HID)
Anne Brawand, Margaret E. King-Sears, Anya S. Evmenova, and Kelley Regan

Effects of an Intensive Reading Intervention for Ninth-Grade English Learners With Learning Disabilities
Kelly J. Williams and Sharon Vaughn

The Relationships Among Temporal Processing, Rapid Naming, and Oral Reading Fluency in Chinese Children With and Without Dyslexia
Li-Chih Wang

Attitudes Toward Math Are Differentially Related to the Neural Basis of Multiplication Depending on Math Skill 
Ö. Ece Demir-Lira, Macarena Suárez-Pellicioni, John V. Binzak, and James R. Boot

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