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Learning Disability Quarterly
Volume 44, Number 3
August 2021
LDQ is published four times per year.

Introduction to Volume 44.3 of the Learning Disability Quarterly
Diane Pedrotty Bryant

Special Series:  Conceptualization, Identification, and Treatment of Dyslexia
Guest Editors: Colby Hall and Sharon R. Vaughn

Early Detection of Dyslexia Risk: Development of Brief, Teacher-Administered Screens Jack M. Fletcher, David J. Francis, Barbara R. Foorman, and Christopher Schatschneider

The Effect of Facilitative Versus Inhibitory Word Training Corpora on Word Reading Accuracy Growth  in Children With Dyslexia
Laura M. Steacy, Yaacov Petscher, James D. Elliott, Kathryn Smith, Valeria M. Rigobon, Daniel R. Abes, Ashley A. Edwards, Alexandra C. Himelhoch, Jay G. Rueckl, and Donald L. Compton

Designing an Intervention in Reading and Self-Regulation for Students With Significant Reading Difficulties,  Including Dyslexia
Carolyn A. Denton, Janelle J. Montroy, Tricia A. Zucker, and Grace Cannon

Examining the Reading and Cognitive Profiles of Students With Significant Reading Comprehension Difficulties
Philip Capin, Eunsoo Cho, Jeremy Miciak, Greg Roberts, and Sharon Vaughn

Subgrouping of Korean Readers Based on Reading Achievement and the Relation of Cognitive-Linguistic  Variables to the Subgroups
Ae-Hwa Kim, Ui Jung Kim, Jae Chul Kim, and Sharon Vaughn

Individual Differences in Word-Level Skills and Paragraph Reading Comprehension in a (Semi-)  Transparent Orthography
Tatiana Logvinenko, Connor Cheek, Shiva Khalaf, Natalia Prikhodac, Marina A. Zhukova,  and Elena L. Grigorenko

Focusing Our View of Dyslexia Through a Multifactorial Lens: A Commentary
Donald L. Compton

Corrigendum to Early Detection of Dyslexia Risk: Development of Brief, Teacher-Administered Screens

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