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Contents of the Current Issue of
Learning Disability Quarterly
Volume 45, Issue 1
February 2022
LDQ is published four times per year

Special Series: Equity and Opportunity in Intervention Research – Intervention in Context
Guest Editors: Audrey M. Sorrells and Minyi Shih Dennis

Equity and Opportunity in Intervention Research—Intervention in Context: Introduction to the Special Series
Audrey M. Sorrells and Minyi Shih Dennis

The Word-Problem Solving and Explanations of Students Experiencing Mathematics Difficulty: A Comparison Based on Dual-Language Status
Sarah R. Powell, Vanessa Y. Urrutia, Katherine A. Berry, and Marcia A. Barnes

Clues: Using Generative Strategies to Improve the Science Vocabulary of Secondary English Learners With Reading Disabilities
Amanda Helman, Minyi Shih Dennis, and Lee Kern

Ecological and Population Validity of Mathematics Interventions for Diverse Students With Low Mathematics Achievement: A Meta-Analysis
Minyi Shih Dennis, Audrey M. Sorrells, Jacquelyn Chovanes, and Elisheba W. Kiru

Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students With Learning Disabilities: Building a Framework for Addressing Equity Through Empirical Research
Audrey A. Trainor and Phyllis M. Robertson

Explicit Text Structure Instruction Supports Expository Text Comprehension for Adolescents With Learning Disabilities: A Systematic Review
Shannon S. Hall-Mills and Leesa M. Marante