Contents of the Current Issue of
Learning Disability Quarterly

Volume 45, Issue 4
November 2022

LDQ is published four times per year


Group Stability and Reading Profiles of Students With Dyslexia: A Double-Deficit Perspective
Rachel Younger and Elizabeth B. Meisinger

Investigating the Promise of a Tier 2 Sixth-Grade Fractions Intervention
Ben Clarke, Nancy J. Nelson, Leanne Ketterlin Geller, Derek Kosty, Keith Smolkowski, Taylor Lesner, David Furjanic,  and Hank Fien

Document Analysis of State Dyslexia Legislation Suggests Likely Heterogeneous Effects on Student and  School Outcomes
Brian Gearin, Yaacov Petscher, Christopher Stanley, Nancy J. Nelson, and Hank Fien

Teaching Problem Posing to Students With Learning Disabilities
Xuan Yang and Yan Ping Xin

Word- and Text-Level Reading Difficulties in Students With Dyslexia
Elizabeth B. Meisinger, Ashley M. Breazeale, and Lyle H. Davis

Using Video Modeling, Explicit Instruction, and Augmented Reality to Teach Mathematics to Students  With Disabilities
Jared R. Morris, Elizabeth M. Hughes, James D. Stocker, and Emelie S. Davis

Predicting Intervention Effects With Preintervention Measures of Decoding: Evidence for a Skill-by-Treatment  Interaction With Kindergarten and First-Grade Students
Matthew K. Burns, Helen Young, Elizabeth M. McCollom, Mallory A. Stevens, and Jared T. Izumi