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Learning Disability Quarterly
Volume 44, Number 2
May 2021
LDQ is published four times per year.

Introduction to Volume 44.2 of the Learning Disability Quarterly
Diane Pedrotty Bryant
Special Series: Teaching Geometry to Students With Learning Disabilities–Part II
Guest Editor: Dake Zhang

Evaluating Spatial Thinking Ability Using Item Response Theory: Differential Item Functioning Across Math Learning  Disabilities and Geometry Instructions
Sam Choo, Sunhi Park, and Nancy J. Nelson

Effects of Schematic Chunking on Enhancing Geometry Performance in Students With Math Difficulties and Students  at Risk of Math Failure
Dake Zhang, Amanda Indyk, and Steven Greenstein

Comparison of Literacy Screener Risk Selection Between English Proficient Students and English Learners
Kelli D. Cummings, Keith Smolkowski, and Doris Luft Baker

The Deficit Profile of Elementary Students With Computational Difficulties Versus Word Problem-Solving Difficulties
Xin Lin, Peng Peng, and Hongjing Luo

Universal Screening in Mathematics for Spanish Students in First Grade
Sara C. de León, Juan E. Jiménez, Eduardo García, Nuria Gutiérrez, and Verónica Gil