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Learning Disability Quarterly
Volume 40, Number 3, August 2017
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Special Series:  Special Education and Mathematics Education Conclusion

Editorial –  Co-Editors-In-Chief:  Brian R. Bryant, Diane Pedrotty Bryant


Special Series Articles:

The Effect of Eliciting Repair of Mathematics Explanations of Students With Learning Disabilities  Jia Liu, PhD, Yan Ping Zin, PhD


Final Commentary to the Cross-Disciplinary Thematic Special Series:  Special Education and Mathematics Education

John Woodward, PhD, Ron Tzur, PhD


NJCLD Position Paper:

Learning Disabilities and Achieving High-Quality Education Standards

Debi Gartland, PhD, Roberta Strosnider, EdD



Vocabulary Instruction for Secondary Students With Reading Disabilities: An Updated Research Review

S. Jay Kuder, EdD


RTI and Other Approaches to SLD Indentification Under the IDEA: A Legal Update

Perry A. Zirkel, PhD, JD, LLM


Building Better Bridges: Teaching Adolescents Who Are Poor Readers in Eighth Grade to Comprehend History Text

Rollanda E. O’Connor, PhD, Kristen D. Beach, PhD, Victoria Sanchez, PhD, Kathleen M. Bocian, PhD, Sarana Roberts, PhD, Olivia Chan, MA