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Learning Disability Quarterly
Volume 41, Number 3, August 2018
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Students With Learning Disabilities in Inquiry-Based Science Classrooms:  A Cross-Case Analysis  Allison L. McGrath and Marie Tejero Hughes


Investigating the Longitudinal Effects of a Core Mathematics Program on Evidence-Based Teaching Practices in Mathematics  Christian T. Doable, Nancy J. Nelson, Patrick C. Kennedy, Mike Stoolmiller, Hank Fien, Ben Clarke, Brian Gearin, Keith Smolkowski, and Scott K. Baker


A Literature Review of Academic Interventions for College Students With Learning Disabilities  Wen Zeng, Song Ju, and Casey Hord


Impact of the Time of Diagnosis on the Perceived Competence of Adolescents With Dyslexia  Layla Battistutta, Eva Commissaire, and Georges Steffgen


Systematically Applying UDL to Effective Practices for Students With Learning Disabilities  Sara Cothren Cook and Kavita Rao