CLD Outstanding Researcher Award Recipients

2021 Outstanding Researcher Recipient

Kathy Ewoldt,  University of Texas, San Antonio

Reverse Engineering an Expository Paragraph for Students with Learning Disabilities

2020 Outstanding Researcher Recipient

Michelle Rogers, Clemson University

The Impact of Self-regulated Strategy Development on Upper Elementary Students’ Opinion Writing Performance

2019 Outstanding Researcher Recipient

Alex Smith, University of Southern Mississippi

Technical Adequacy Spelling Curriculum Based Measure for English Language Learners

2018 Outstanding Researcher Recipient

Ashley Parker-Sheils, University of Mississippi

Examining Multidimensional Vocabulary Instruction in Special Education Classrooms

2017 Outstanding Researcher Recipient

Amber Wang, Vanderbilt University

Irrelevant Information and Person Effects on Word-Problem Performance

2016 Outstanding Researcher Recipient

Dr. Lisa Morin, Old Dominion University

The Use of a Bar Model Drawing to Teach Word Problem Solving to Students with Mathematics Difficulty  

2015 Outstanding Researcher Recipient

Dr. Anne Brawand, Kutztown University

Proportional Reasoning Word Problem Performance for Middle School Students High-Incidence Disabilities

2014 Outstanding Researcher Recipient

Dr. Min Wook Ok, The University of Texas at Austin

Effects of explicit, strategic teacher-directed instruction with iPad application practice on the multiplication fact performance of fifth grade students with learning disabilities

2013 Outstanding Researcher Recipient

Dr. Eric Oslund, The University of Texas at Austin

Can Curriculum-embedded Measures Predict Longitudinal Reading Outcomes in At-Risk Kindergartners?

2011 Outstanding Researcher Recipient

Dr. Beverly Weiser, Southern Methodist University

Ameliorating Reading Disabilities Early: Examining an Effective Encoding and Decoding Preventive Instruction Model

2010 Outstanding Researcher Recipient

Deborah K. Reed, The University of Texas at Austin

The Contribution of Retell to the Identification of Struggling Adolescent Readers

2009 Outstanding Researcher Recipient

Sarah R. Powell, Vanderbilt University

Contribution of Equal-Sign Instruction beyond Word-Problem Tutoring for Third-Grade Students with Mathematics Difficulty

2008 Outstanding Researcher Recipient

Monica Harris: Grand Valley State University

The Effects of Strategic Morphological Analysis Instruction on the Vocabulary Performance of Students with and without Learning Disabilities