To achieve the mission of the Council for Learning Disabilities (CLD), our organization consists of a variety of committees and roles. The Board of Trustees is the governing body of CLD. It consists of the chairs, or co-chairs, of each of the 11 standing committees; the presiding editor of LD Forum; and the members of the Executive Committee, which consists of the individuals in the four-year presidential line (i.e., Past-President, President, President-Elect, Vice-President), Treasurer, Secretary, Parliamentarian, and Executive Director.

In 2021, then-President Joseph Morgan led an ad hoc committee to examine the roles and responsibilities of a few committees that appeared to have an imbalance of task saturation levels. The findings of that ad hoc committee have resulted in proposed changes to the CLD bylaws, which will rename, reorganize, and revise the duties of three of our standing committees. All of this has been done with the goal of meeting the current membership needs efficiently and effectively.

Under these proposed changes, the Communications Committee will be deleted. Some of their duties will be subsumed by the renamed Information Communications & Technology committee (formerly the Technology committee). And, some of the duties of the former Communications committee will be delegated to the newly created Affiliated Partnerships committee. The Affiliated Partnerships Committee will work with our state chapters and other partners. Additionally, they will assume some of the reallocated responsibilities of the Leadership Development committee. The Leadership Development committee will focus on developing future leaders in our field with the Leadership Institute and Leadership Academy.

In the coming weeks, the entire CLD membership will have an opportunity to view these proposed changes to committees, along with one other proposed change to the bylaws that provides direction should there become a vacancy in the presidential line. Members will receive an email in the next few weeks and are highly encouraged to take time to vote on these proposed changes.