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Contents of the Current Issue of
Intervention in School and Clinic
Volume 56, Number 1
September 2020

Lead Feature
Reading Comprehension Strategies for Students With Learning Disabilities Who Are Emergent Bilingual
Suheyla Sarisahin

Selecting and Designing Measurements to Track the Reading Progress of Students With Disabilities
Christy R. Austin and Marissa J. Filderman

Combining Universal Design for Learning and Self-Regulated Strategy Development to Bolster Writing Instruction
Andrew I. Hashey, Katie M. Miller, and Lauren L. Foxworth

Transitioning From Alternative Education Settings: A Process for Students With Behavioral Challenges
Sarah Wilkinson, Skip Kumm, and Sara McDaniel

A Teacher’s Guide to Using a Multiple Schedule of Reinforcement in Educational Settings
Kristina K. Vargo

Collaboration Forum  Kimberley Paulsen, Associate Editor
Working With Paraeducators: Tools and Strategies for Planning, Performance Feedback, and Evaluation
Peggy A. Yates, Ritu V. Chopra, Emily E. Sobeck, Sarah N. Douglas, Stephanie Morano, Virginia L. Walker, and Rob Schulze

Current Topics in Review  Moira Konrad, Associate Editor
Eliciting Students’ Perspectives About Their Co-Teaching Experiences
Todd M. Johnson and Margaret E. King-Sears

Global Perspectives  Elizabeth Walton, Associate Editor
Developments in the Implementation of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports in Australian Schools
Shiralee Poed and Phillip Whitefield

An Interview with . . .  Steven P. Chamberlain, Associate Editor
For Uncle Charlie: A Conversation With Dr. Kristine Melloy
Jim Teagarden, Robert Zabel, and Marilyn Kaff

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