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Contents of the Current Issue of
Intervention in School and Clinic
Volume 57, Number 3
January 2022

Lead Feature

Using Data-Based Instruction to Support Struggling Elementary Writers
Apryl L. Poch, Abigail A. Allen, Pyung-Gang Jung, Erica S. Lembke, and Kristen L. McMaster


Training, Supervising, and Supporting Students With Emotional–Behavioral Disorders as Cross-Age Tutors
Gavin W. Watts and John W. McKenna

Purposeful Use of High-Leverage Practices to Teach Number Sense
Lydia Gerzel-Short and Laura Hedin

Honoring Team Decision-Making During Manifestation Determination Meetings Through Collaborative and Proactive Solutions
Laura Trapp, Tracy Gershwin, and Jason Robinson

Creating Visually Appropriate Classroom Environments for Students With Autism Spectrum Disorder
Rebekah Martin and Julia Wilkins


Teacher Education
Kristin Sayeski, Associate Editor
Embedding Virtual Simulation Into a Course to Teach Parent–Teacher Collaboration Skills
Sara E. Luke and S. Michelle Vaughn

Current Topics in Review
Moira Konrad, Associate Editor
Positive Self-Talk: An Emerging Learning Strategy for Students With Learning Disabilities
Danielle M. Feeney

 Global Perspectives
Elizabeth Walton, Associate Editor
The Invisible Population of Students With Learning Disabilities in South Korea
Mikyung Shin and Nari Choi

Policy and Law Briefs
Antonis Katsiyannis and Mitchell Yell, Associate Editors
Brown v. Board of Education and the Development of Special Education
Mitchell Yell

An Interview With . . .
Steven P. Chamberlain, Associate Editor
Finding Synergy in Academe: An Interview with Dave L. Edyburn
Randall Boone and Kyle Higgins