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Contents of the Current Issue of
Intervention in School and Clinic
Volume 56, Number 5
May 2021

Introduction to the Special Series

Juvenile Delinquency and Disabilities: A Global Perspective                                                        Theresa A. Ochoa and Susan R. Roberts

Special Series Features

Legal Framework for the Education of Individuals With Disabilities in Mexico                      Marisol Sanchez, Aída Imelda Valero Chávez, Matthew D. O’Donnell, Berenice Pérez Ramírez, and Theresa A. Ochoa

Strengths, Pitfalls, and Potential in Norway’s Approach to Special Education                       Ingrid E. Gøranson, Theresa A. Ochoa, and Katherine A. Zoeller

Students With Learning Disabilities in the Brazilian Juvenile Justice System
Nina Ranieri and Mirella de Carvalho Bauzys Monteiro

Costa Rican Education Supports for Youth With Disabilities Within Correctional Confinement
Claire M. de Mezerville, Ana E. Meza, and Yanúa Ovares

Education and Transition for Students With Disabilities in American Juvenile Correctional Facilities   
Theresa A. Ochoa, Corinne C. Datchi, Nicole M. Weller, Miriam Northcutt Bohmert, and Derek Grubbs


Diversity Dispatches
Brenda L. Barrio, Associate Editor

Supporting Diverse Learners with Autism Through a Culturally Responsive Visual Communication Intervention
Katherine J. Bateman and Sarah Emily Wilson

Technology Trends Introduction
Dave L. Edyburn, Guest Associate Editor

Ten Years Later: Would You Recognize Universal Design for Learning If You Saw It?            Dave L. Edyburn

Technology Trends
Dave L. Edyburn, Guest Associate Editor

Universal Usability and Universal Design for Learning                                                                        Dave L. Edyburn

Current Topics in Review
Moira Konrad, Associate Editor

Inclusive Instruction for Students With Emotional/Behavioral Disorders: Service in the Absence of Intervention Research   
John William McKenna, Justin Garwood, and Melissa Parenti

An Interview with . . .
Steven Chamberlain, Associate Editor

What Can We Learn From Trustworthy Data? An Interview With John Wills Lloyd  
Kristin L. Sayeski