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Intervention in School and Clinic

Volume 54, Number 3, January, 2019





Lesson Planning with Engagement in Mind:  Proactive Classroom Management Strategies for Curriculum Instruction  Sarah A. Nagro, Dawn W. Fraser, and Sara D. Hooks


Using Anticipation Guides to Support Comprehension of Science Informational Text  Nicole S. Fenty


A Six-Step Decision-Making Process to Guide Social Skills Instruction  Janine P. Stichter, Emily C. Malugen, and Mattina A. Davenport


A Relaxation Station in Every Location  Kimberly Maich, Adam W. J. Davies, and Tricia van Rhijn


Teaching Emergent Literacy Skills to Students With Autism Spectrum Disorder  Joshua N. Baker, Christopher Rivera, Stephanie Devine, and Lee Mason




Technology Trends

The Virtual-Representational-Abstract Framework to Support Students With Disabilities in Mathematics  Emily C. Bouck and Jessica Sprick

Global Perspectives

Special Education in Kenya  Elisheba W. Kiru



An Interview With…..  

In the Shadow of Mrs. Zimmerman: A Conversation With Sharon Maroney  Robert H. Zabel, Marilyn Kaff and James Teagarden