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Intervention in School and Clinic

Volume 55, Number 1, September, 2019




Lead Feature

Data-Based Decision Making for Struggling Readers in the Secondary Grades Marissa J. Filderman, Christy R. Austin and Jessica R. Toste



A Computer-Based Graphic Organizer With Embedded Self-Regulated Learning Strategies to Support Student Writing Melissa D. Hughes, Kelley S. Regan, and Anya Evmenova


Supporting Reading Comprehension for Students Who Are Learning English and Have Learning Disabilities  Kelly J. Williams and Leticia R. Martinez


A Strategy to Support the Communication of Students With Autism Spectrum Disorder  Sarah N. Douglas and Hope K. Gerde


A Practical Guide to Improving School Climate in High Schools  Janet VanLone, Jennifer Freeman, Tamika LaSalle, Lola Gordon, Tiffany Polk, and Jesslynn Rocha Neves



Inclusion of Students With Learning, Emotional, and Behavioral Disabilites Through Strength-Based Approaches  Justin D. Garwood and Abby A. Ampuja


Reducing Ambiguity: Tools to Define and Communicate Paraprofessional Roles and Responsibilities  Erin M. Stewart


Naturalistic Augmentative and Alternative Communication Instruction for Practitioners and Individuals With Autism  Jennifer B. Ganz, Ee Rea Hong, Elizabeth Leuthold, and Valeria Yllades