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Intervention in School and Clinic

Volume 54, Number 4, March, 2019





Enhancing Family Engagement in Schoolwide Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports  S. Andrew Garbacz


Evidence-Based Learning Strategies:  Preparing Students With High-Incidence Disabilities for College  Amber B. Ray


Diagramming and Algebraic Word Problem Solving for Secondary Students With Learning Disabilities  Gloria A. Carcoba Falomir


Peer Support Arrangements to Promote Positive Postschool Outcomes  Andrew R. Scheef, Aleksandra Hollingshead and Cory S. Voss


Evaluating Quantitative Reasoning Strategies for Comparing Fractions:  A Tool for Teachers  Lindy Crawford, Sarah Quebec Fuentes, Jacqueline Huscroft-D’Angelo and Kristina N. Higgins




Implementing Video Modeling to Improve Transitions Within Activities in Inclusive Classrooms  Carrie Hall, Aleksandra Hollingshead and Jennifer Christman

Addressing and Preventing Disproportionality in Exclusionary Discipline Practices for Students of Color With Disabilities  Ambra L. Green, Daniel R. Cohen and Melissa Stormont

Global Perspectives

The Education of Individuals With Disabilities in Guyana:  An Overview  Keon A. Cheong, Ryan O. Kellems, Margaret M. Andersen and Katie Steed



An Interview With…..  

The Magic of Matching the Environment to the Needs:  A Conversation With Tim Lewis  Robert Zabel, Jim Teagarden, and Marilyn Kaff