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Intervention in School and Clinic

Volume 54, Number 1, September 2018



Introduction to Special Issue

Introduction to the Special Issue:  Successful Inclusion for Students With Disabilities Who Are Learning English Tracy G. Spies and Gregory A. Cheatham



Exploring the Intersection of Evidence-Based Practices and Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Practices  Sylvia Linan-Thompson, Julie A. Lara-Martinez, and Linda O. Cavazos


Cross-Language Connections for English Learners’ Literacy Development  Elsa Cardenas-Hagan


Scaffolded Academic Conversations:  Access to 21st-Century Collaboration and Communication Skills Tracy G. Spies and Yunying Xu


Why Working Apart Doesn’t Work at All: Special Education and English Learner Teacher Collaborations  Sara E. N. Kangas


Immigrant, Bilingual Parents of Students With Disabilities:  Positive Perceptions and Supportive Dialogue Gregory A. Cheatham and Sumin Lim-Mullins




Behavior Management

Decreasing Inappropriate Mobile Device Use in Middle and High School Classrooms Colleen J. Hernan, Julie Q. Morrison, Tai A. Collins, and Stephen D. Kroeger

Current Topics in Review 

Facilitated Communication:  The Resurgence of a Disproven Treatment for Individuals With Autism  Jennifer B. Ganz, Antonis Katsiyannis, and Kristi L. Morin



An Interview With…..  

Finding One’s Anchor: A Conversation With Reece Peterson  Robert H. Zabel, Marilyn Kaff, and James Teagarden