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Intervention in School and Clinic

Volume 53, Number 4, March 2018




Special Issue:  Current Topics in Special Education

Introduction to Special Issue:

Current Topics: Flowing Like a River, Moving Us in the Right Direction  Moira Konrad



Parental Stress in Families of Children With Disabilities  Yun-Ju Hsiao


Mindset of Paraprofessionals Serving Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders  Justin D. Garwood, Christopher L. Van Loan and Margaret Gessler Werts


Avoiding Unwarranted Segregation of Students With Behavioral Needs: Lessons Learned  Robin Parks Ennis and Antonis Katsiyannis


Punishing the Vulnerable:  Exploring Suspension Rates for Students With Learning Disabilities  Gordon Brobbey


Problem Solving in the Early Years  Lindsay Lile Diamond



Looking Backward to Look Forward:  Reflections of Past Presidents of the Council for Learning Disabilities  Apryl L. Poch



Number Sense on the Number Line  Dawn Marie Woods, Leanne Ketterlin Geller, and Deni Basaraba


Using Lesson Study to Prepare Preservice Special Educators  Carly A. Roberts, Amber E. Benedict, So Yeon Kim and Jacob Tandy


Functional Thinking for Managing Challenging Behavior  R. Allan Allday


Charter Schools and Students With Disabilities: Legal and Practice Considerations  Michelle E. Dunn, Antonis Katsiyannis and Joseph B. Ryan


Welcoming the Sunlight: A Conversation With Mary Kay Zabel and Robert Zabel  James Teagarden and Marilyn Kaff