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Contents of the Current Issue of

Intervention in School and Clinic

Volume 54, Number 5, May, 2019




Introduction to Special Issue

Addressing the Continuing Conundrum of Research and Practice  Randall Boone and Kyle Higgins



Re-envisioning Teacher Preparation in an Era of Endrew F.: Instruction Over Access  Kristin L. Sayeski, David F. Bateman and Mitchell L. Yell


Fads or Facts?  Sifting Through the Evidence to Find What Really Works  Moira Konrad, Caitlin J. Criss and Alana Oif Telesman


Using Data-Based Individualization to Intensify Behavioral Interventions  Therese M. Cumming and Sue C. O’Neill


Selecting Evidence-Based Practices:  What Works For Me  Melinda M. Leko, Carly Roberts, David Peyton and Daisy Pua


Riding the Special Education Technology Wave: Policy, Obstacles, Recommendations, Actionable Ideas, and Resources  Cathy Newman Thomas, Katherine N. Peeples, Michael J. Kennedy, and Mary Decker


Cultural Relevance in Special Education:  Current Status and Future Directions Monica R. Brown, June P. Dennis and Monique Chavarria


The Supreme Court and Special Education  Mitchell L. Yell and Antonis Katsiyannis


Observations From the Architects of the Fields of Learning Disabilities and Emotional/Behavioral Disabilities  Steven P. Chamberlain