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Intervention in School and Clinic

Volume 53, Number 5, May 2018




Lead Feature

Becoming Critical Consumers of Research:  Understanding Replication  Hannah M. Mathews, Shanna E. Hirsch, and William J. Therrien



Teaching Middle School Students With Learning Disabilities to Comprehend Text Using Self-Questioning Laurice M. Joseph and Kelsey M. Ross


Clinical Interviews:  Assessing and Designing Mathematics Instruction for Students With Disabilities  Katherine E. Lewis and Marie B. Fisher


Visual Supports to Promote Science Discourse for Middle and High School Students With Autism Spectrum Disorders  Juliet Hart Barnett, Rebecca Trillo, and Cori M. More


Developing a School-Based Multitiered Model for Self-Regulation  M. Brady Webb, Evelyn S. Johnson, Julie Meek, Brooke Herzog, and Anne B. Clohessy




Current Topics in Review  Moira Konrad, Associate Editor

Students With Learning Disabilities and Computer-Based High-Stakes Testing  Wendy R. Gelbart


Technology Trends  Cathy Newman Thomas, Associate Editor

Productivity Apps Supporting Higher Order Writing Skills for Secondary Students With Learning Disabilities  Kathy B. Ewoldt


Policy & Law Briefs  Mitchell Yell and Antonis Katsiyannis, Associate Editors

Endrew F. v. Douglas County School District (2017):  The U.S. Supreme Court and Special Education  Angela M. T. Prince, Mitchell L. Yell, and Antonis Katsiyannis


An Interview With…..  Steven P. Chamberlain, Associate Editor

Having Someone to Walk Down the Road With:  A Conversation With Jeffrey Sprague  Jim Teagarden, Robert Zabel, and Marilyn Kaff