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Intervention in School and Clinic

Volume 55, Number 3, January 2020




Lead Feature

The Meta-Analysis Review:  A Valuable Resource for Special Educators  Conrad Oh-Young, John Filler, and Jennifer Buchter



Developing a Rubric for Evaluating Reading Applications for Learners With Reading Difficulties  Minnie Mize, Yujeong Park, Megan Schramm-Possinger, and Mari Beth Coleman


Self-Regulated Strategy Development to Teach Mathematics Problem Solving  Michelle Popham, Simone Adams, and Janie Hodge


Working Together: A Process to Support Teachers in Increasing Specific Praise Statements  Jennifer L. Reynolds, Wendy S. Cochrane, William M. Furey, and Tammy A. Matvichuk


Innovating the Check-In, Check-Out Intervention: A Process for Creating Adaptations  Kaitlin Bundock, Leanne S. Hawken, Kristin Kladis, and Kimberli Breen



Bug-in-Ear Coaching for Teacher Candidates: What, Why, and How to Get Started  Kelley Regan and Margaret P. Weiss


Family-Centered Applied Behavior Analysis for Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder  Kendra Antill


Positive Behavior Supports in South Africa:  Training Teachers to Implement a Systemic Strategy  Veronica Melody Dwarika


Building Healthy Relationships: A Conversation With Dr. Ellen McGinnis-Smith  Robert H. Zabel, James Teagarden, and Marilyn Kaff