CLD Outstanding Researcher Award Recipients

2021 Outstanding Researcher Recipient: Kathy Ewoldt,  University of Texas, San Antonio

Reverse Engineering an Expository Paragraph for Students with Learning Disabilities


2020 Outstanding Researcher Recipient: Michelle Rogers, Clemson University

The Impact of Self-regulated Strategy Development on Upper Elementary Students’

Opinion Writing Performance


2019 Outstanding Researcher Recipient: Alex Smith, University of Southern Mississippi

             Technical Adequacy Spelling Curriculum Based Measure for English Language Learners


2018 Outstanding Researcher Recipient:  Ashley Parker-Sheils, University of Mississippi

              Examining Multidimensional Vocabulary Instruction in Special Education Classrooms


2017 Outstanding Researcher Recipient:  Amber Wang, Vanderbilt University

            Irrelevant Information and Person Effects on Word-Problem Performance


2016 Outstanding Researcher Recipient:  Dr. Lisa Morin, Old Dominion University

            The Use of a Bar Model Drawing to Teach Word Problem Solving to Students with               Mathematics Difficulty  


2015 Outstanding Researcher Recipient: Dr. Anne Brawand, Kutztown University

Proportional Reasoning Word Problem Performance for Middle School Students High-Incidence Disabilities

2014 Outstanding Researcher Recipient:  Dr. Min Wook Ok, The University of Texas at Austin

Effects of explicit, strategic teacher-directed instruction with iPad application practice on the multiplication fact performance of fifth grade students with learning disabilities

2013 Outstanding Researcher Recipient: Dr. Eric Oslund, The University of Texas at Austin

Can Curriculum-embedded Measures Predict Longitudinal Reading Outcomes in At-Risk Kindergartners?

2011 Outstanding Researcher Recipient: Dr. Beverly Weiser, Southern Methodist University

Ameliorating Reading Disabilities Early: Examining an Effective Encoding and Decoding Preventive Instruction Model

2010 Outstanding Researcher Recipient:  Deborah K. Reed, The University of Texas at Austin

The Contribution of Retell to the Identification of Struggling Adolescent Readers

2009 Outstanding Researcher Recipient: Sarah R. Powell, Vanderbilt University

Contribution of Equal-Sign Instruction beyond Word-Problem Tutoring for Third-Grade Students with Mathematics Difficulty

2008 Outstanding Researcher Recipient: Monica Harris: Grand Valley State University

The Effects of Strategic Morphological Analysis Instruction on the Vocabulary Performance of Students with and without Learning Disabilities