Committee Chairpersons

The Communications Committee disseminates information through publications and other means about the Vision, Mission, and Strategic Goal activities to the membership and others, as directed by the Board of Trustees.  This Committee works closely with other Committees to disseminate information developed by them.

Kathleen Pfannenstiel



The Research Committee is responsible for working with various CLD Committees to address organizational concerns and monitor current LD research.  The Research Committee also coordinates research and scholarly projects, and develops guidelines for evaluating research in the field of LD.  The Committee will also communicate, coordinate, and collaborate with other Board members on tasks.

Margaret Flores


Jessica Toste


Leadership Development:

The Leadership Development Committee (LDC) is responsible for encouraging and monitoring the development and maintenance of affiliated CLD Chapters and for developing future leaders of the organization. The LDC is also responsible for enhancing the development of future CLD leaders through the Leadership Academy and other organizational activities.  The Committee recommends to the Board procedures for local chapters’ activities and conferences, and assists chapters in these endeavors.They also communicate, coordinate, and collaborate with other Board members on tasks.

Esther Lindstrom


Donna Sacco



The Liaison Committee develops and maintains working relationships with external professional organizations and agencies.  This Committee updates the Board and CLD membership about state and federal legislation that is pertinent to the field.  The Committee will communicate, coordinate, and collaborate with other Board members on tasks.

Roberta Strosnider


Debi Gartland



The Membership Committee has the charge of developing strategies for recruitment and retention of CLD members.  The Committee coordinates recruitment and retention activities with appropriate Board members and vendors who have been contracted to provide CLD membership services.  This Committee also communicates, coordinates, and collaborates with other Board members on tasks.


Nanette Fritschmann

Jacquelyn Chovanes



The Finance Committee provides guidance and suggestions to the CLD Treasurer, who then communicates such to the Board, about the organization’s financial status and recommendations that strengthen the organization’s current and future viability.  Composition of the Finance Committee is dictated by CLD Bylaws.

Beverly Weiser



The Diversity Committee is responsible for facilitating and promoting the integration of diversity into all aspects of CLD’s Vision, Mission, Strategic Goals, and other CLD endeavors.  The Committee will also communicate, coordinate, and collaborate with other Board members on tasks.

Yun-Ju Hsiao



The Technology Committee provides a mechanism for gathering and disseminating information to the general public regarding issues in the field of LD.  The Committee is responsible for developing and maintaining CLD’s website The Committee communicates, coordinates, and collaborates with the CLD Board of Trustees and their respective Committees on tasks.

Sarah McCarthy

Kathy Ewoldt



The Conference Planning Committee oversees all aspects of the annual conference, arranging the logistics necessary for the conference and supporting the Board of Trustees as they carry out duties related to the conference.  The Conference Committee is responsible for ensuring that locations and personnel for hosting CLD’s Annual International Conference on Learning Disabilities are identified approximately two years in advance.  The Conference Committee also maintains and updates Conference Planning Guidelines that can be used by Local Arrangements Committee personnel, appropriate Board members, and the Executive Director in planning and implementing conferences.

Anne Brawand


Maria Peterson-Ahmad


Special Committee Archivist:

Meijia Liu


Social Media Editor:

Sara Flanagan