EC AND BOT PILOT FOR: CLD 2020, the 42nd International Conference on Learning Disabilities




The Council for Learning Disabilities’ (CLD) 42nd International Conference on Learning Disabilities will focus on the education of persons with learning disabilities (LD) from birth through adulthood. We encourage proposals that:

  • address the construct of LD (including assessment for eligibility and classification);
  • present primary research on LD (including intervention and assessment practices);
  • describe secondary research on LD (including literature reviews and meta analyses);
  • translate research into evidence-based instructional strategies;
  • examine the education of students with LD from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds;
  • propose innovative ideas regarding intersectional variables impacting the outcomes of students with LD;
  • consider the engagement of critical stakeholders in the education of students with LD (e.g., parents and families, general education teachers, paraeducators);
  • pertain to policy at the local, state, and federal levels;
  • address topics relevant to higher education (including teacher preparation, mentorship of pre-tenured faculty and graduate students, and research methodology); and/or
  • explore positive behavior supports for individuals with LD



The Council for Learning Disabilities (CLD), an international organization composed of professionals who represent diverse disciplines, is committed to enhancing the education and quality of life for individuals with learning disabilities across the life span. CLD accomplishes this by promoting and disseminating evidence-based research and practice related to the education of individuals with learning disabilities. In addition, CLD fosters (a) collaboration among professionals; (b) development of leaders in the field; and (c) advocacy for policies that support individuals with learning disabilities at local, state, and national levels.