Author Guidelines

Intervention in School and Clinic
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Intervention in School and Clinic (ISC) is a practitioner-oriented journal designed to provide practical, research-based ideas to educators who work with students with severe learning disabilities and emotional/behavioral problems. Emphasis is placed on pro-viding strategies and techniques that can be easily implemented in school or clinic settings and that address the multifaceted needs of students with severe learning disabilities and emotional/behavioral problems. Specifically, articles should target curricular, instructional, social, behavioral, assessment, and vocational strategies and techniques and have direct application to the classroom setting.

Authors submitting articles to ISC for publication consideration should adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Authors should emphasize individuals and realize that exceptionality is only one attribute of the individual; therefore, “write with dignity” and use phrasing that emphasizes this relationship. For example, refer to children with behavioral problems or students with learning disabilities rather than to emotionally disturbed persons or dyslexic students. Those without disabilities should be referred to as normally achieving or nondisabled rather than normal. In addition, use the term general education rather than regular education.
  2. Because the purpose of ISC is to translate research into practice, language in the articles should be “user-friendly” to facilitate educator use of the strategies discussed in the article. For example, articles can include first-person references, when appropriate. In addition, vignettes or examples that clarify content are encouraged.
  3. Articles should target specific strategies and techniques and provide enough detail so that they can be implemented in a school or clinic setting. If specific forms are needed, they should be provided as figures. Also, tables that synthesize and photographs that illustrate content are encouraged.
  4. Articles should be brief (9–18 manuscript pages, including references and figures) and to the point. No lengthy reviews of literature will be accepted; a one-paragraph introduction to the topic is sufficient. Titles should also be brief, that is, no more than 10 words with no subtitle.
  5. Authors are encouraged to provide a list of research-based articles that address their topic. This brief list should follow the references and be titled “Selected Research in (Topic Name).”